Daughter-in-law must have equal legal rights if she is a widow

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Dear Friends,

One of my friend has lost her husband, she has the original Legal papers of property belonging to him but cannot move to her name, why should she experience hurdles to get these documents transferred to her name and this continues since 5 years...

I suggest that the legal documents should be moved to my friend by default on producing the Marriage Certificate at the authorized municipality.

She approached the nearby municipality offices, consulted lawyers, each time they give different versions.   Even, today, wandering what is the mistake that my friend did by losing her husband, she is a single parent with teenage daughters handling all alone in this world!

We all know there's more and more women  facing similar legal issues. So, I had to write this to end their trauma.

Request all women, men to sign this petition.  With this, you are showing your love and respect for all the women around you.  

Thanks and regards,

Ranjithaa G