Petition for basic Rights of journalists of Pakistan. OSRs should be paid for their duties

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Respected sir,

As journalism is a 4th pillar of society and the journalists working across the country are the major element of all print & electronic media industry. Journalists have to face so much difficulties during performing their duties all over. They face threats, pressure, allegations and much more. Mostly Journalists from big cities and stations are enjoying good wages and other benefits from their respected organisations, but a huge number of journalists who are working in more difficult situations for their media houses in their small cities/station and rural areas. They face torture, not only life threats but they are being killed day by day. They face illegal prison by politically. These local journalists who called OSRs in electronic media and Ezazi Numainda ( honorary Reporters) in print media, have a major roll to rankup any media organisation. But it is so painfull that normally all media houses ( including print and electronic media ) are not providing any Right to servility even these journalists are not getting any compulsation/wage for their services. Humanly these journalists and their families have many needs to keep them live, and according to national and international Press laws these all journalists have Right to get their wages/salaries and other benefits from their respected organisations. But media organisations have kept them Rightless. So it is requested to take serious action for this humanistic issue. And all media organisations should bound to pay wages/salaries with all other basic rights to all OSRs/journalists across the country, speciallyjournalists of  rural areas, small stations and small cities of Pakistan.