Abolish the vexatious litigant statute in family law cases in California.

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Shebli Geegieh
6 years ago
the absence of a Jury in the family Court is the reason for all this mess!
Please share and sign this petition as well

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Anita Kanitz
6 years ago
Worldwide and daily women, girls and female childs are victims of heinous assault. We must stop this!
Be the change and the hope for the future, the hope for our daughters and granddaughters!
Fear nothing and go your way for freedom and peace on earth.
Anita Kanitz

"We ask justice, we ask equality, we ask that all the civil and political rights that belong to citizens of the United States, be guaranteed to us and our daughters forever."
—Susan B. Anthony, Declaration of Rights for Women, July 1876

"There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers."
—Susan B. Anthony

Even though they make up half the population, women and girls have endured discrimination in most societies for thousands of years. In the past, women were treated as property of their husbands or fathers - they couldn't own land, they couldn't vote or go to school, and were subject to beatings and abuse and could do nothing about it. Over the last hundred years, much progress has been made to gain equal rights for women around the world, but many still live without the rights to which all people are entitled.
-- Robert Alan Silverstein

We are asking people to understand that slavery still exists today; in fact, according to a recent New York Times article, if you count the number of women and children in bonded labor, domestic slavery or sexual slavery today, there are more slaves in the world than at any other time in history.”
-- Charlotte Bunch

“1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about the things they read (or watch, or listen to, or taste, or whatever). They’re also entitled to express them online.

2. Sometimes those opinions will be ones you don’t like.

3. Sometimes those opinions won’t be very nice.

4. The people expressing those may be (but are not always) assholes.

5. However, if your solution to this “problem” is to vex, annoy, threaten or harrass them, you are almost certainly a bigger asshole.

6. You are not responsible for anyone else’s actions or karma, but you are responsible for your own.

7. So leave them alone and go about your own life."

[Bad Reviews: I Can Handle Them, and So Should You (Blog post, July 17, 2012)]”
― John Scalzi

The connection between women's human rights, gender equality, socioeconomic development and peace is increasingly apparent.
-- Mahnaz Afkhami

Women's empowerment is intertwined with respect for human rights.
-- Mahnaz Afkhami

No man who respects his mother or loves his sister, can speak disparagingly of any woman; however low she may seem to have sunk, she is still a woman. I want every man to remember this. Every woman is, or, at some time, has been a sister or daughter.... ~Victoria Claflin Woodhull Martin, Tried As By Fire; or, The True and the False, Socially.

In all Muslim and Hindu countries and worldwide there are violation of children's, girl's and womens rights like daily hate speech against women, girls and female childs,child marriage, forced marriage, child rape, gang rapes, mass rapes, human trafficking, forced prostitution, domestic and sexual violence, street harassment, hate speech and sexism in the media, workplace harassment, female infanticide, femicide, FGM, murder and punishment of rape victims, marital rape, acid attacks, dowry murder, widow murder, torture and rape porns, cruel child porns, child rape, campus rape, cruel murders of female childs, girls and women, stalking, online bullying, human trafficking, sex slavery, witch hunts, violence during childbirth, denied girl's education, women, girls and childs forced to wear burkas, mass abduction of women, girls and female childs, forced starvation of women, girls and female childs, forced underaged girls to childbirths, hate crimes against women, girls and female childs, victim blaming of victims of violence, rape and murder, injustice and less pay at workplaces, bodyshaming and honor killings.

We must stop these heinous crimes against women's, girl's and children's rights.
Anita Kanitz

“Feminists know that if women are paid equal wages for equal work, women will gain sexual as well as economic independence. But feminists have refused to face the fact that in a woman-hating social system, women will never be paid equal wages. Men in all their institutions of power are sustained by the sex labor and sexual subordination of women. The sex labor of women must be maintained; and systematic low wages for sex-neutral work effectively force women to sell sex to survive. The economic system that pays women lower wages than it pays men actually punishes women for working outside marriage or prostitution, since women work hard for low wages and still must sell sex. The economic system that punishes women for working outside the bedroom by paying low wages contributes significantly to women's perception that the sexual serving of men is a necessary part of any woman's life: or how else could she live? Feminists appear to think that equal pay for equal work is a simple reform, whereas it no reform at all; it is revolution. Feminists have refused to face the fact that equal pay for equal work is impossible as long as men rule women, and right-wing women have refused to forget it.”
― Andrea Dworkin

A man wants what a woman hassex. He can steal it (rape), persuade her to give it away (seduction), rent it (prostitution), leaseit over thelong term (marriage inthe United States), or own it outright (marriage in most societies).
Andrea Dworkin

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Marvin Darden
6 years ago
I am a Disable Citizen Who Was A Victim of a Brutal Beating and Need a RO to Protect Myself From Both Perpetrators Who Beat Me Serverly

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Rodney Watson
6 years ago
Im signing cause department of child support services are defrauding me there is no equality they think they can just play with peoples lives. Theyre abusing theyre power they have no integrity they should be called the family law manipulators.

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Mari-Lynne Earls
6 years ago
I got declared vexatious for attacking a void order, FC 4065 waiver absent from March 2003 order, entered by rich ex who couldn't get me to make the waiver. Retired judge Leslie Nichols ignored appellate court decision in Carlson v. Eassa, so much for stare decisis.

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dorothy scaife
6 years ago
im signing because parents should have more rights when it come to their children.

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lee paradise
6 years ago
I"m signing up because I have seen
the literal stealing of parties' assets
in family law proceedings, and the desperate attempts of pro per litigants to get their lives back, but whom lack the legal procedural knowledge to do so. When they
attempt to do so but because they literally do not know what they are doing, and fail, time after time, to silence them, the attorneys and judicial officers involved whom are
legally stealing from both sides move to declare the most disadvantaged party vexatious.
Usually by this time known to be
stripped of any monetary assets to
defend against the action, that
party is silenced by being deemed
vexatious. A wonderful tool for the corrupt. Indeed, who can be determined to be vexatious more than an average and too common attorney that does not know what he is doing but files actions to take advantage of a party without assets,
legal knowledge or prowess to avoid
being stripped of everything they own.
The vexatious litigant statute is a tool of attorneys, whom are in part
the legislature of any state, who would like very much that there
is justice for all, but only those who can afford it. Its all or nothing with them.
The vexatious litigant statute must be repealed as a vehicle to deny

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Luzaida Lopez
6 years ago
Because i had to request and been granted a judges recusal because of prejudice and biasness. We need to rid of such judges attorneys and government and state officials such as DCF and sheriffs as well. Remove the prejudice in our justice system and lets restore american civil liberties and TRUST. The time is NOW. Thank you

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amy betts
6 years ago
Just because family courts ignore facts and evidence, doesn't make someone a "vexatious litigant" In sure this bogus "law" was created by attorneys and/or judges, in order to create more incentives for themselves...as with "unsubstantiated" which means nothing more than those in positions of power are incompetent in investigating. Non-custodial parents need HELP...the "vexatious litigant" needs abolished, as does judicial immunity ...we should all be held accountable..judges should be required to carry insurance like doctors!

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jen goodwin
6 years ago
family court destroys families and spends us taxpayer $$