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For a life of Dignity. For a life without Prejudice. For Amendment of Section 377.

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Honourable Mr Justice T S Thakur, 
The Chief Justice of India 
Respected Members of the Special Judicial Bench for Section 377, 

I am a mother of a gay child and I write to you on behalf of all mothers of  all children whose sexuality is different from that of the majority. I wish to draw your attention to what happened in the parliament when MP Dr Shashi Tharoor tried to introduce a bill to amend Section 377 . His bill was not only rejected before introduction, the parliament that seemed quiet before he introduced the bill, suddenly was filled with voices of sarcasm and jibes.  

I also saw the speaker giggling in her chair. I suddenly thought of my son and all his friends I have been in touch with.  I am not sure if you felt the same, for it is true in most cases that  the pain of a shoe bite is only known  when the shoe pinches them. I witnessed how difficult it would be for them, to live in a world that is filled with ridicule and hatred. It is going to be a tough road for them, but they will have to brave it. 

There is no way that they could become straight. It has been scientifically proven and accepted that there are natural orientations other than heterosexuality.  It has also  been delisted from the list of mental disorders by psychiatric associations. It is not abnormal. So why is a law penalising my son and other LGBT people for who they are? For the sake of argument, even if there was a way to turn straight, it should be left to them to decide where they want to turn - this way or that. 

Who are we to judge or decide on private feelings of our children? It would rather be criminal for us if we would if we decide for them as it would only increase in forced marriages and corrective rapes of our children. Also to add, my son tells me, that the cases of extortion are increasing and so are cases of bullying. What happened to Dr Tharoor in parliament stands testimony to what LGBT people face every single day. 

I am writing to you, Sir, with the hope that you will understand the social implications of a law like section 377. Contrary to what many feel, despite a very homophobic reaction in the parliament to Dr Tharoor's bill by elected members of the parliament and the absenteeism of the others who claim to support decriminalisation of consensual sex under section 377.  I am an optimist who believes things will change for the better.

I rest my case with you, Sir.  I, along with the undersigned champions of equality, sincerely hope you will deliver the judgement on section 377 after taking into consideration how it deters the true virtue of equality that is enshrined in our constitution. I want my son and all his friends in the LGBT community to enjoy the same freedom and liberty that a majority of Indians do. We want all children to enjoy freedom from prejudice and extortion.  Yes, they are all not the same, but they are equal. 


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