One bench of Supreme Court should be established in each state

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The Supreme Court is only in Delhi.
The Supreme Court seems to be only for the people who are rich or people who are living nearby states of Delhi.
I live in Maharashtra, I can’t even think of going to Supreme Court to get justice. Supreme court is far away from me. I cannot afford to file PIL or any other petition by going to Delhi. There are 130 cr people in India. I guess Out of them only 1 cr people are able to afford to go to Delhi. Justice is our right. I want to file petition/PIL regarding Bitcoin Scams happened all over India. All states have suffered. Government of India failed to understand the crypto currency attack on Indian economy. Lacks of investors got duped. Me and My family lost bitcoin worth Rs 13,00,000/-. Due to lack of law culprits will get out of jail and they will enjoy our hard earn money with the blessings of Indian Laws. Bitcoin scammers have duped countries innocent citizens for more then 1,00,00,000 crores.
अगर सुप्रीम कोर्ट का एक बेंच भी महाराष्ट्र में होता तो मै PIL/Petition करता जिससे अच्छे बदलाव आ सकते. आम जनता की मुश्किले दूर होणे में मदत होती. It will be very beneficial to all the lawyers in India.

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Yuvraj Uttam Pawar
Pune, Maharashtra