Job Security and Equal pay for equal work to Contractual Employees

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We were working as Contract Technicians and Contract Engineers in Telecommunications Consultants India Limited(TCIL),GK-1,New Delhi, in PAP division under Pan African e-Network project since 2007-08.

We had joined TCIL through proper channel.We had been engaged by TCIL under Pan-African e-Network Project since its conceptualization for successful delivery of services from India to Africa which reflects the potential of Indian staff. We had put our all efforts to make Pan African e-Network Project successful from all the ways and we had spent our most valuable initial 9-10 years of our career with TCIL.

We were posted at diverse locations in India under this project. We had been involved in this prestigious project since its inception and holds different academic streams. We have been delivering our job successfully without any interruptions till date.

Our services were not restricted to only this project.We had worked in  diffrent project also as assigned by TCIL.
Now they had  terminated our 9-10 Years  without any reason on 1-Nov-17.We all are 30+ years now.We have given 9-10 years of our life to TCIL.We had given our life's golden period working in building the reputation of workplaces and in reward we got termination.

TCIL management used us as per their desire and then throw us away without caring for our long services on a single term that We were hired for a temporary project but that single reason is not sufficient to kill someone long Honesty, work, sincerity etc.

This is the worst phase for us as our effort is equal to ZERO. It's like nurturing a baby whole your life and then you are pushed away by saying we don't care what you did.We had joined as young (Bachelors) hoping to build our Nation with our services, give our life's golden period for building what is asked from us, we make new memories, got married, got babies, our parents got retired on a hope that now our kids are settled and then after 9-10 years we are thrown out of service without any reason stating "Your Services are no longer required as We were hired for temporary project .

 Every dream, every happy living turns into dust as floods do with houses and cities. Empty hands we try to struggle but where to go after losing our age golden periods, no where. We turn unemployed as we signed a document which state our services can be terminated at any time , damn how can a sign of ours which we did many years before destroyed our whole sincerity, honesty etc after these much long service.

TCIL have regularized many Contract Engineers & Contract Technican in past who were juniors to us. Some of the Contract Engineer still working in TCIL, deputed to other project who were working with us on same project and even junior to us. We never forced TCIL for regularization even after that they terminated our so long services.

We got only consolidated amount as salary(Avg. 20000) that is not so sufficient to survive. Even then TCIL delayed our salary. March17 Salary we received on 06-May-17.April17 Salary we received on 07-June-17.May17 and June17 Salary We received on 11-Oct-17.July,August,September and October Salary we received on 05-Dec-17.November Salary we received on 11-Jan-18.They mentally harrased us by not paying our salary on time.

A bench of Justices JS Khehar and SA Bobde said the principle of 'equal pay for equal work' constitutes a clear and unambiguous right vested in every employee whether engaged on regular or temporary basis.

 Justice Khehar, who wrote the judgement, said.
"Any act, of paying less wages, as compared to others similarly situate, constitutes an act of exploitative enslavement, emerging out of a domineering position. Undoubtedly, the action is oppressive, suppressive and coercive, as it compels involuntary subjugation," he said.

This is not the single case. In all Govt. Department, Management do injustice with contractual staff. They pay less salary without any benefits even after Honourable Supreme Court direction and through them out any time without caring about them & there families.

I urge all the intellectual citizens of our democratic country to support this cause for better well being of  temporary/contractual staff in India so that this wont happen with anyone in future.