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India Bleeding with Pain; RESIST Lynching India

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India is bleeding with pain; Resist Lynching India

Lynching has endlessly been taking place in different parts of the country. The governments are generally found unwilling and ineffective to control, punish and deter the guilty persons and the victims are being victimized further by filing fake cases against them by local police. In such an atmosphere of fear, violence and  pervasive desperation,  my fundamental rights are grossly infringed due to failings of executive and legislature. Hence, I directly seek kind indulgence of your honor as the last resort of hope to urgently consider to protect my rights to identity, safety, expression of views, maintenance of faith, right of eating, life and property as well as also of all vulnerable, innocent and non combatant persons from the collective and targeted violence with impunity by the mob, organized or instantaneous due to the blown up mindset of hatred against the religion, community, caste and race of divergent sections of the population in the country.

The petitioner humbly prays the Honorable Chief Justice of India to consider the following points for making general instructions:

1)      Every case of lynching and caste/communal violence may without delay be assigned to the Fast Track Court for the speedy trial.

2)      Every person, administrative and police officer found to be filing false cases and reports may be tried as accused person as an extension of the case in Fast Track Court if acquittal is granted to the accused persons implicated maliciously by such persons.

3)      The government concerned may be fixed with liability for exemplary compensation and proper rehabilitation to immediately grant to the victims of lynching and mob violence.

4)      A standing commission be appointed or mechanism be devised involving experienced and prominent persons to make spot report under the monitoring to your honor relating to the caste/communal violence

5)      Directions to the government to form a special act to curb lynching, communal riots and hate speeches. In the context of ambiguity and lack of clarity in recent 'Cow Protection Act' by the Central Government directions to be given to the government to seek opinion from the public before forming any act  and bring clarity in such acts.

 This petition will be submitted with the Chief Justice of India, Supreme Court.

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