Freebies and Loan Waiver Politics must be stopped.

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Offering freebies, Loan waivers and any kind of Government Bill waiver before elections is purely an indirect bribe to the voters and sheer discouragement for honest and hardworking taxpayer which is unconstitutional, illegal and gross violation of Model Code of Conduct imposed during elections. This is very unfortunate that no institution ever raise objection on this growing misconduct of political parties.

Through this petition, I request Chief Justice of India to take suo-motu cognizance of the matter and protect the sanctity of our electoral process and interests of the taxpayers. 

Further, post elections, there must be strict guidelines for the Governments wanting to offer something for free or waiving off loan/ bill etc. Government funds cannot be left at the disposal of handful of politicians to spend blindly to consolidate their vote banks.

There must not be any promise of freebie, loan or bill waiver to anyone in the manifesto of political parties during election time. Violation must debar the violator from contesting election.

As far as freebie and waiver by running Government is concerned, there must be strict guidelines, like – (1) It must be made mandatory for the Government to explain with evidence as to why freebie or waiver is necessary and why to a particular section only. (2) For loan waiver, it must be made mandatory for the beneficiary to prove that the loan amount was indeed used for the purpose it was taken and not used for some other purpose. (3) Loan for Tractor or other farm equipment must not be considered as Farmer Loan as this has direct commercial benefits from day one. (4) If freebie or loan waiver sanctioned, it must be made mandatory for the Government to explain source of fund. (5) If freebie or loan waiver released, then, it must be binding on the Government to NOT impose any new or increase existing direct or indirect tax for next two years. (6) There must not be any freebie or loan waiver in the last year of present Government.

I again request Chief Justice of India to look into this burning matter and oblige us.  

Friends, if you also think that we the honest and hardworking taxpayers are gradually becoming irrelevant in our own Country, then please sign this petition.