Elected representatives should not be allowed to favor people selectively.

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When an elected representative takes oath of the office he has been elected to, he swears by the name of God that he will perform his duties and obligations as defined by the constitution, "without fear or favor "and "without ill-will or affection" towards any one.

When an MP, MLA or Corporator recommends someone for admission to a school or college, or railway reservation, or out of turn treatment at a government hospital, or job - he does violate the constitutional oath by favoring someone or showing affection to someone.

Similarly, in a school, college or train where seats are limited, if someone gets a seat due to favor or affection of an elected representative, the last person in the queue is deprived of his rightful due. This does tantamount to "ill-will" of the elected representative towards such person.

I request Hon'ble Supreme Court of India to treat this petition as an PIL and examine whether those elected representatives who violate the constitutional oath in this manner should be disqualified from holding their posts.

I also request the His Excellency President of India to make a reference to the Parliament for making suitable amendments in the Representation of the People Act, 1950 to provide for disqualification of elected representatives if they are found to be favoring any individual.