Private schools : A commercial way of selling education.

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I am a student of class ten. I am from a middle income family in Kolkata. With the end of December parents begin to helpless ly knock the doors of private schools to get their children admitted for class 11. This is all because some schools like mine delay admission and neither do the assure that students will get admission in streams like science which are in high demand. My parents broke their savings deposit and got me admitted to DPS .They took 96000 cash as admission fee and now when I wish to opt out of the school because I have got a chance in my own school they are only going to refund 15000 rupees.I haven't even given my boards and they are charging me for services which I haven't availed yet.

This is just my story .There are thousands who are forced to cut on their daily expenses to fill the pockets of these schools.They prey over the fear of parents who just want their children to get a secure future. It is a reality that the government run schools are in a deplorable state.These private schools are left unregulated and can charge one anything and everything.There have been many complaints before but no proper action has been taken anywhere. When my father approached the HRD ministry they ordered him to approach the State Government.All of them keep on passing the buck .Why should the school s not refund even 60 per cent  of the admission fees after admission?Why should they charge lacs for admitting children in their schools?If we have come in an era when education has been reduced to demand drafts and credit cards where will the youth go ? Turning a blind eye will essentially deprive millions who want to pursue their dreams through quality higher education.   

Help me in this fight to ensure that the seed of capitalism does not destroy the morals of education.You maybe a parent,a student ,a teacher, or an ordinary citizen.But remember that by signing this petition you can initiate a change that will make quality higher education affordable for all.