Death penalty to rapist.

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In india, the justice for a rape victim is not done in right time or they even don't get the justice. For eg. Nirbhaya case took so many years for justice. And there are lots of rape cases pending in India due to lack of proper actions and laws. And this indirectly encourages the rapist to do more crimes fearlessly. If this had to be stopped then govt. has to implement strict laws and punishment against rapes or even govt. can enforce death to penalty for rapist. This will make fear in every rapist mind to do this crimes. Every person should be afraid of listening of rape that kind of punishment should be ensure for rapist. The only way to abolish this crimes is to implement death penalty for the suspect.

And there should be made special department to handle this issues by government and also should organise the campaigns for the awareness of women at regular intervals at all the places in India.

And government should mandate sex education at every school at primarily and secondary level and also for all people through the various modes. But the only thing should be changed first is the implementation of the law for rapist people in India to make it a safest place for women in world and also set an example for others that Indian culture teaches us to respect all women but not to destroy there life by doing serious and evils act like rapes .

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