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demolition of school overnight; by religious sect in connivance with business tycoon

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We the teachers of Sawan Public School ( B.K. Jha, Ms. Dorothy Angellina Gottlieb, and others who are still fighting the cases in the court) are requesting you all to raise your voice against the cruelty done by a religious organization conniving with business tycoon, who grabbed the school land.The school was a 40 yr old school being run on gaon sabha land to impart education to the nearby villagers too (as promised by the business tycoon while buying the property in 1974); but now it has been demolished overnight throwing few staff members on false allegations, few left out of fear, last working batch of students(most of them were failed so that they don't return), and school building with all annexes demolished with no permission from any of the land owning agency and with no permission from Directorate of Education and CBSE.They are killing us mentally financially and even physically by harming us.The right to education, right to work and right to live has been encroached.All our constitutional rights have been encroached as they have dismissed the services and have closed the school illegally. The directorate of education which is supposed not only to give recognition to a school but also to ensure & supervise the smooth functioning of the school, has been a party in violation of major rules and acts of its framed Delhi School Education Acts & Rules 1973. They have allowed the said illegal parties to violate all mandatory rules(Rule 117, 118, 46, 55 and have imparted major penalties without approval of Directorate of Education) and acts and have also given a smooth passage to encroach upon the government land and demolishing the entire campus, School education and right to employment is a prerogative of state government therefore, the matter was updated to the government continuously but it is astonishing to know that they too are hand in gloves in the said matter. Despite of continuous efforts by us in appraising the such delicate highly illegal and malafide violatory act the Delhi government, Education Minister of Delhi, Director of Education, Dy. Director of Education (south) and of the so called religious society(who has already been challenged by National Green Tribunal for occupying the ridge area and the business tycoon for their selfish motives)have slept over the serious matter for reasons better known to them.  The only solution is that under section 20 of DSEAR 1973 the Delhi government keeping its prerogative intact takes over the school land and rebuild a school for the children of locality and justice is done in favor of education and even give us justice.If we win then the constitutional rights win for one and all; and if we loose then its loss of faith in social jurisdiction and violation of all constitutional faiths and beliefs.

we, hereby request you all to join your opinion with us to sign this petition so that it reaches the chief justice of India, and help us make a corruption free India, raise your voices to help us get justice and once again a school is established on the land which was given only for the purpose of running the school and for no other activity like recreational activities.

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