Charge rapist with life time imprisonment

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We all have heard about the recent rape incident which happened with little Asifa Bano (8 years old) resident of Jammu and Kashmir then after a bit the conjecture around it dissolved but the rape problem did not dissolve at all.There where consistent 4 rape cases in North India with no immediate action taken for any and as usual the religious problems come up 

Today again (05/05/2018) an 16 year old girl gets raped and burnt alive a day later in a village near Ranchi , Jharkhand . It gets worst her father went to the village council. The accused where ask to do 100 sit-ups and where fined ₹50,000 and left.......WHAT!!!!  Angered over the family approaching the village council the the accused barged into the victims house beat her parents and burnt her alive in the house

This not only about the rapes happening to a Muslim girl or a Hindu girl Or any other religions girl. It's happening to our girls and we as Indians and more over as Humans need to take action ASAP