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Sexual crime against women and children is rapidly increasing in our country. Child of any age or gender is not safe anywhere not even in schools. For women it's even worse especially in rural India where studies of young and adolescent girls is stopped due to their safety concerns. A concrete decision has to be taken in cases of rape and murder. Laws of the land should change with increasing crime rate especially of sexual assault and murder. Punishment for such cases has to be so severe and stringent that it acts as a deterrent to such culprits. We need justice and we need prevention of such crimes, at the earliest.

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A brutal case of rape and murder. My maid's 17 & 1/2 yr old cousin was raped and murdered 3 days ago at outskirts of Pune. The unrecognizable naked body was found 3 days after she went missing by her real brother in their own field. Her mistake, being a girl. All she was doing is fetching water from their home to her mother who was working in the field. As a result of this case all parents in that village near Pune are not sending their girls to school or college. For how long will these girls kept safe at home with the fear of being victim to such crimes? Can such hedious crimes at all be forgiven??? Shouldn't there be ONLY CAPITAL PUNISHMENT by the law of our land which should provide basic right of SAFETY TO LIFE AND DIGNITY for all it's citizens.

We may well say, hundreds of such molestation, rape and murders are happening everyday. But would we say the same if it happened to someons close to us or even known to us? Today children of any age, gender are not safe anywhere, not even schools. Nor women of any age. Shamefully, not even pregnant women are spared! What is the world and our nation heading to?  

There has to be severe punishment  b'cas such crimes can't be forgiven! The easy availability of internet and in turn pornography  is also to be blamed. How would otherwise a 6th grade kid know how to rape a 7 yr old???? How disgusting!! If this continues it will be more like behaving as an ostrich burying it's head in sand!

This is a grave issue in our country!! And getting worse by the day. We the citizens of India are just helpless... only taking precautions and giving advice to our kids, specially girls. Does this really help? It sends shivers down my spine thinking what these innocent victim and their parents go through. We deserve better, much better. 100 capital punishments and there will be a drop in such cases! The burden of such cases rest on all of us as a society. Let's ACT NOW!

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