Formal Inquiry into Justice Gregory Lenehan

Justice Gregory Lenehan recently acquitted a Halifax taxi driver, Bassam Al-Rawi (Bassam Abdullatif) of sexual assault.  Bassam was caught by police assaulting a passenger who was passed out drunk in his taxi.  The passenger's DNA was found on Bassam's mouth.  This was not enough evidence to charge Bassam in Gregory Lenehan's opinion.

Other decisions from Lenehan include:

Father who violated teenage daughter will serve term of two years less a day in the community

Discrimination in his courtroom against breast feeding mother

The sentencing of the teen in the Rehtaeh Parsons case

Gregory Lenehan's ideas of consent are antiquated and dangerous.  He should not be in a position to hand down decisions allowing sexual predators to go free.  


This petition will also be sent to the Halifax City Councillors still in office who decided to reinstate this sexual offender's Taxi License.  

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Chief Judge of the Provincial & Family Courts of Nova Scotia
    Chief Justice Pamela S. Williams
  • Minister of the Department of Justice
    Diana Whalen
  • Mayor - Halifax
    Mike Savage
  • City Councillor - District 10
    Russell Walker
  • City Councillor - District 13
    Matt Whitman
  • City Councillor - District 2
    David Hendsbee

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