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Remove Judge James Oakley from ALL Government offices immediately.

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Judge James Oakley took to Facebook, after a recent arrest of a suspect who allegedly killed a San Antonio detective this past week, saying "Time for a rope and a tree", a crude invitation for lynching. In today's climate, racism and bigotry seem to fall hand in hand with politicians, especially those who make life decisions for people of this great nation. He deleted the comment after immediate backlash from commenters and readers of the article and apologized for his lewd comments, however, that does not dismiss his most introspective thoughts, and We, the people are not comfortable knowing this hinders his ability to serve due process to ALL as he sworn when he took office. This is official racial misconduct, such racial misconduct includes but is not limited to inappropriate racial comments, slurs, jokes, pictures, objects, threats, physical assaults, intimidation, unequal application of policies, and unequal or biased grading. Because Judge Oakley's comment depicts his mental state, a racist, and as a Judge he should step down because he can no longer unbiasly serve the people.

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