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Petitioning District 1B of Iowa Chief Judge, Kellyann M. Lekar

Chief Judge, Kellyann M. Lekar: Max penalties, if found guilty, for the torture of Caleb the dog


On Feb 16 an animal crate was found along the side of a road in a rural area of Waterloo Iowa. The lifeless body of a dog was found. The body of the dog revealed the horrific story of a life of torture. A Dane Lab mix was either starved or dehydrated and covered in feces.

According to a hefty reward was placed in order to get information that led to the arrest of the person of this horrible crime, the Jesup Police Department arrested Ty Alyn Hickman.

At the moment Hickman is at Buchanan County Jail under the charge of aggravated misdemeanor that could lead to a 2-year incarceration if he is to be found guilty of the charges.

Maria Tiller, Waterloo animal control and code enforcement officer who was involved in the investigation and Diann Helmers of Agape Fosters are quoted on the following article.

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Other individuals that allegedly tortured the dog Caleb are:
AJ Sellers and Kelsey Block

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Letter to
District 1B of Iowa Chief Judge, Kellyann M. Lekar
Max penalties for Ty Hickman,Kelsey Block, AJ Sellers if guilty for the torture of Caleb the dog.

The following petition is to show our support to the prosecutor of the case The People vs Ty Alyn Hickman. If Ty Alyn Hickman is found guilty of his charges we respectfully ask that he serves the maximum sentence for his crimes. Thank you.