Restore Safety in Northwood II, Irvine community

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Chief of Police, Irvine Police Department

February 1, 2018

Dear Chief Hamel:

It’s with great trepidation and anticipation that I write this letter on behalf of our small community here in Northwood, Irvine, specifically Northwood II at the intersection of Jeffrey and Trabuco. The only reason that we as a community came together to address this letter of request to you personally is that we are highly concerned about an immediate threat to public safety following a vicious attack this last Saturday, 1/27/18 (booking number: 3036999, Case # 18-1298), by a deranged person who lives in our community.

On the day stated above, my wife and I, were unexpectedly and maliciously attacked by a 22 year old disturbed neighbor by the name of Salvador Pereda (see photo). Luckily, Irvine Police and first responders arrived in time to help myself and my wife with our injuries and arrested the said perpetrator. Unfortunately, however, two main issues stand out: First, this is an attack that could have been prevented based on numerous reports of our neighbors about the disturbing behavior of Salvador Pereda, which ultimately escalated into this aggravated assault, mayhem, on Saturday, had this person been put in custody earlier. Second, despite numerous altercations within the community, involvement of Irvine Police, and the very obvious, documented bodily injuries delivered by Salvador, he was immediately released on bail the next day, knowing that Salvador has made threats to kill innocent children and minors, threatened neighbors, and finally escalated to violently attack his neighbors.

As a result of the escalation of these events that have worsened over the past 6+ months, a majority of our community residents live in fear of becoming the next target by this violent and ill person. We, therefore, would like to put everyone on notice to hopefully prevent the next tragedy from happening in our community. More than 80% of our hundreds of residents are children, minors, elders, and senior citizen, who are delivered to the possibility of next assault by Salvador Pereda and remain helpless as Salvador Pereda is permitted to roam freely in our community.

As some speculations have led to the possibility of the presence of mental health problems leading to Salvador’s erratic, dangerous behaviors, I would like to emphasize the responsibility of his parents/family, our community, and certainly authorities who can take appropriate action that equal the impact of the threat presently facing us. As a clinical psychologist, who is in charge of a non-profit community mental health center, a behavioral health treatment center, and a training and educational institute with focus on helping disturbed community members seek help, I am appalled by the lack of oversight and monitoring that Salvador’s family have repeatedly demonstrated which ultimately led to his numerous run-ins with the police and the final vice perpetrated upon my own self and that of my wife. Furthermore, I am afraid this lack of oversight and interest in providing appropriate help for a deranged young man and safety and security for a peaceful living for a whole community will lead to a regrettable tragedy right in front of our eyes.

Therefore, I along with the many undersigned community members living here at Northwood II, plead with you to take this matter seriously and seek alignment with the Orange County District Attorney’s office as well as OC Healthcare Agency and Mental Health associations in order to ensure our safety by pressing full and appropriate charges against Salvador Pereda and his responsible family members, removing him from our community by necessary incarceration for reasons of public safety, as well as helping him and his family secure the resources they need to get their son into the appropriate treatment. From my time of service on the OC Mental Health Board, from 2014-2016, I remember first hand the vast budget and hundreds of resources that OC Healthcare Agency as well as Department of Mental Health have available to help people like Salvador Pereda.

We, the undersigned, appreciate your care and attention you personally put into keeping our city safe. On a personal note, that is what my wife and I had hoped for when we moved into this community a year ago. And we, collectively, wish that the safety and security of our little community can be restored imminently by your leadership. Until such a time, none of us feel safe walking on the streets of Irvine.

We look forward to your immediate response. We need your help now, Chief.


Ehsan Gharadjedaghi, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist


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