Stop closure of Toowoomba Community Nursery - 20,000 local Native Plants grown per year

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Toowoomba Community Nursery is a volunteer-run nursery auspiced by Toowoomba Regional Council and specialising in Local Native Plants for use in home gardens, National Tree Day and in bush revegetation projects Without your support, Toowoomba Community Nursery faces CLOSURE on 31st March, 2020.   

The Toowoomba Community Nursery works in collaboration with Crows Nest Community Nursery and produces over 20,000 plants per year that help preserve our local flora and provide habitat and food for our local fauna and insect life. The use of Local Native Plants is critical given the increasing severity of drought and fire conditions and the pressure on existing native ecosystems due to urbanisation.

Toowoomba Community Nursery is currently housed in the TRC Toowoomba Regional Council Ramsay Street Nursery, Toowoomba City. TRC Nursery Operations are moving to a new facility in Charlton, 13km west of Toowoomba City, however no provision has been made for the volunteer-run activities of the Toowoomba Community Nursery. Crows Nest Community Nursery is located 50km north of Toowoomba City and is too small to meet existing demand for Local Native Plants let alone future demand. The facility at Crows Nest is not centrally located and is not accessible to anyone in the southern or western parts of Toowoomba Region, nor for the students and trainees who volunteer with Toowoomba Community Nursery.

We request that Toowoomba Regional Council:

  1. Provide space, resources and staff for the Toowoomba Community Nursery activities as have occurred to date within the new facility in Charlton (Toowoomba West) in a similar capacity to the Ramsay Street Facility,
  2. Provide temporary accommodation for the activities of the Toowoomba Community Nursery in Toowoomba City within the TRC Ramsay Street Nursery until permanent accommodation in Charlton is completed,
  3. Acknowledge and celebrate the valuable specialist Local Native Plant knowledge of the volunteers at both Toowoomba Community Nursery and Crows Nest Community Nursery,
  4. Consider the use of Local Native Plants in Toowoomba Regional Council Parks and Gardens and for Street Trees, particularly where existing plantings have died due to drought and heat conditions.