Abolition of Drainage Charges levied by MIDC in Water Bill on Green & Orange Industry

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Drainage Charges are being levied by MIDC @ Rs.5.50 per Cu. Mtr. from 01/05/2013 onward for all type of industries on the quantity of Water supplied by MIDC. In fact, it should not be charged to the industries which are not generating effluent, industries in Green and Orange Category, industries who have not connected their drainage pipeline to the CETP's Effluent Drainage Line and industries using drained out water in their own premises for gardening. Levying drainage charges on  industries falling under Green and Orange Category and non-concerned industries is unjustifiable and injustice on such industries as they are suffering due to financial burden, unnecessarily. 

Circular No. 14/2013 dated 17/04/2013 issued by Chief Engineer (HO), MIDC, Mumbai in this respect is unjustifiable. MSMEs are supposed to bear financial burden of this charges due to irrespective levying of this charges.

It is necessary to abolish Drainage Charges in respect of Green and Orange Industries. Therefore, it is necessary that all industries should oppose this charges and demand for abolishing this charges, immediately,.