Oppose the Wongaling Beach Helicopter Facility

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Dear Residents and Ratepayers,

A proposal has been made to the CCRC to allow a Commercial Aviation Facility to be built in the middle of Wongaling Beach.

The application has no detail regarding how this facility will be operated, what times helicopters will be flown, what flight paths and altitudes will be used in specific prevailing conditions, how refueling activities will be undertaken including storage and run off and how the noise generated from these activities will effect nearby residents and wildlife.

The land is currently zoned rural and borders on residential areas and this application is not consistent with the intent of the area. This project will in no doubt detract from the natural environment and have an adverse effect on wildlife.

To put perspective to the argument, Conch street is a little over a kilometre from the site, with Koda street, Sanctuary  Crescent and the Oasis estate all under 900m. This decreases to below 500m when measured to the proposed flight route.

This project will have a negative effect on house prices in an already distressed market.

Have your say and ensure this development is moved to a more appropriate place like the Tully airfield.