Judges’ misconduct on bail approvals of rioters in HK. 香港法官不合理地對被控暴亂者批准保釋!!!

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Recently, there are a large no. of protesters or rioters in Hong Kong who were charged with a no. of serious criminal offences such as Riot and Arson. Ironically, their bails were all granted approval with ridiculously less amount of recognisances, ranging from HK$1000 to HK$10,000 maximum, by the Magistrates and Judges in Court.  In addition, these so called “Magistrates or Judges” have also been biased in a no. of cases. They have granted approval for all of the “black-shirted” rioters’ bails whilst rejected all of the “White-shirted” suspects’ bails under the same riot charges. This is totally unacceptable!  We totally do not understand what are their justifications of releasing these suspects with such serious criminal charges! Therefore, we are here to humbly ask the chief executive of Hong Kong to rectify such non-sense and misconduct behaviour from the magistrates and Judges in Hong Kong by execute the emergence regulations ordinance. This is about bringing peace back to Hong Kong and restore Hong Kong back to its original state! 香港最近很多被控告像暴亂縱火等的嚴重罪行的示威者或暴徒,都全被法官批准保釋,更荒謬的他們全部只需$1000 到$10000的保釋金!有些甚至還批凖離開香港!更不公平的是那些同樣涉及暴亂罪的白衣者卻全部不准保䆁!所以希望香港行政長官能透過執行緊急法賦與的權力去糾正所有錯誤,儘快令香港回覆正常狀況!