Change the European Blue Badge criteria to include children and adults with autism

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I am a parent of 4 children and my second child has severe autism and learning difficulties. Oliver is 19, non-verbal and struggles with the world around him. My other 3 children enjoy all there is about life and have many opportunities, hopes and dreams of which I support them with 100% of the time.

Oliver, however, requires constant care and attention in life, he makes very small steps and we celebrate every little achievement. Many of those achievements are small but just as important as GCSE results, sports achievements, etc. I am passionate about getting the best for him and other children and adults with autism and learning difficulties. 

I am appalled and disgusted that Lancashire County Council have rejected him for a Blue Badge to assist us when out and about with Oliver, although he has had one since he was about 6 years old! Like many other people with autism and learning difficulties Oliver is very challenging when out and about in busy public places and now requires 2:1 support....that's 2 adults to look after him at all times when out. He has to be in a wheelchair as he runs off, eyes closed sometimes and goes to the ground. He does not understand the world around him, danger or the consequences of his behaviour.

We absolutely need a blue badge to help us get him out and about as it is a huge challenge most of the time. 1 blue badge is all I'm asking for, not too much to ask is it?? But....due to autism and learning difficulties being a 'hidden' disability he does not hit the 'criteria' for the European Blue Badge Scheme. 

I want to change this.

I am asking as many people as possible to please back my petition to include children and adults with autism and learning difficulties to be accepted in the Blue Badge Scheme. I would gladly present to anyone why I feel this group of people should not be rejected due to their disability. Thank you.