Raising awareness of consumer suffering unexplainably high bill & to draw MSEB's attention

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For past few months suffering and bearing the brunt of unexplainably very high bill for MSEB power (in last 3 months have paid 40000+for these dubious bills - Jun 2018 bill alone was for 20000+) in Palava City - my dreams of Life is taking a hit. (Yes you read that right, and it's for my residential flat and not of any commercial establishments)

On further checking I learnt 

1) There are many others who have also been burdened with such high bills in the range of 20000-25000 in last 3 months. 

2) This is not limited to my building or even Project Cluster (Casa Rio), but also all other 3 clusters - Casa Rio Gold, Casa Bella & Casa Bella Gold. So definitely it's not individual flat issue or even specific building. And it's widespread across entire Palava City.

3) Interestingly in most of the cases came across, I found it started from Apr/May 2018 and not before - a strange coincidence which is true. 

4) Before putting this petition, I have already tried local complaining, load testing, group complaint submission with not much success as of yet.

We the citizens & residents of Palava City would like to seek kind attention of all who can help us including senior responsible officers/engineers of MSEB, Maharashtra Consumer Guidance Forum; that we are severely disturbed and equally aggrieved by very high power bills. There are multiple consumers of MSEB, across Palava City (all 4 aforementioned clusters) who are facing above issue for months (from same time period)

The situation has become alarming for common middle class citizens and residents like us. Looking at the gravity of situation (how long we would be able or afford to pay 10000 every month for MSEB bill, and that too without connection being cut for no direct fault of ours), we would request your kind attention and immediate action to resolve and rectify these unexplainably high bills including for cases where the honest consumers who have duly and sincerely have paid these bills (despite being high and unaffordable)

To petition supporters - Request all to support our cause , which is in the larger interest, and advance thanks for your support...