Stop Garbage Dumping and Clean the Garbage Mountain in Ayyappanagar!!

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Plot in Ayyappanagar next to Sai Residency Apartment and Kemps Apartment has literally been converted to waste dumping ground. There are approximately 200 families staying in apartments and individual houses nearby this dump-yard plot and even BBMP employees who are supposed to clean it up are dumping the garbage in this plot.This ever increasing pile of waste is triggering many diseases and the residents/commuters have no choice except to take it all in, because the authorities themselves don’t really care and even making things worse with dumping themselves.

There is clear threat of pollution, health issues and foul smell 24x7. The area has seen increase in Mosquito related health issues with many people including kids diagnosed with Dengue over last year.


Health: Mosquito spread diseases like Dengue, Malaria. Diseases spread via flies. Skin irritation. Breathing problems, etc.

Pollution: 24x7 foul smell including flies and mosquitoes.

Kindly Help us in making our voices heard and stop this menace.

Chief Engineer Mahadevpura Parameshwara-9480683181.
Sarfaraz Khan 9448111066 Bangalore waste management joint commissioner.
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