More needs to be done to improve transparency and faith in the EVM process.

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EVMs and related processes have offlate come under heavy scrutiny and suspect that has led to shaking of common mans trust in the process.

Reasonably so, there is lack of visibility and logical closure that comes with automation, as the end result is often abstract. VVPAT is a good step in that direction however it still falls short of achieving the objective of making the end result tangible. 

More needs to be done to improve transparency and thus build faith in the system. I suggest the following measures that will attempt to address this concern.

There needs to be a secondary process of reconciliation that would need to be established to confirm the primary process of using EVM. While the results would be accepted it would be subject to a manual verification of the process within a reasonable time. It comes at a cost but it’s a cost worth in value it generates. 

*I would like to suggest the following measure to instill confidence in the system by making it transparent.*

In order to make sure if the EVMs are compromised or not, we need to ask for 100% reconciliation of the Poll results through the use of VPAT - Verified Paper Audit Trail after each elections.

The two step verification should be as follows

1. Total votes in the form of VVPAT slips matches the number of people eligible to vote in that booth or less - and that tally’s with the poll results (Number Verification)

2. Check if the Initiating (input) code for each vote matches the actual EVM output code for the party and that matches the number of votes for those parties as evidenced by each physical VVPAT slip for each vote and that tally’s with the polled votes declared. This second part matches 4 numbers and is the final test of EVM authenticity.

I seek your support in sharing this message with as many of your contacts so that it snowballs into a voice that reaches the highest of the offices on the land to help take this firm step towards protecting the democratic rights of its citizens. 

Regards SJ