Ph. D. scholar and ex IIT professor turned activist threatened by police,

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Ph. D. scholar and ex IIT professor turned activist threatened by police,

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The Chief Election Commissioner,

Election Commission of India,

Nirvachan Sadan,

New Delhi

Subject: Ph. D. scholar and ex IIT professor turned activist, working with the adivasi community threatened by   police, nursery of fruit saplings put on fire, no cognizance of the offence, Betul administration acting in blatant contempt of the Honorable High Court’s orders.

Dear Sir,

We have learnt that the Betul district administration - in area under Ghodongri-132, M. P. assembly Madhya Pradesh - has been terrorizing the adivasi and activists associated with an alternative political outfit, Samjwadi Jan Parishad (SJP) and people’s movement Shramik Adivasi Sangathan. We are very greatly disappointed to learn that, even while electioneering process for assembly by-election is under way, the district administration continue to terrorize them and pay no heed to the blatant violation of their Fundamental Rights.

                     With the notification of nomination, even activist like Alok Sagar  -  I.I.T. B. Tech and M. Tech from I.I.T., Delhi in 1973; Ph. D. from Rice University, Huston, U. S. A; Post Doctoral from - Department of Pharmacology, University of Texas, Dental Branch, Houston and Department of Psychology, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, resigned as a professor at I.I.T., Delhi in 1982 and form 1990 living in Kochamu village in the constituency  - was threatened by the police that, if he didn’t leave the area until election, may face the prospect of arrest – he finally had to report to the Shahpur Police Station on 8th of May. Whereas, the district administration of Betul was aware of him being a an activists working in the area, also knew of his credentials quite well for the reason that he would participate with Adivasi in most of their demonstrations and would also be assisting them as their expense agent, whenever they would be contesting elections on the ticket of Samajwadi Jan Parishad.  It is a hopeless situation where one does not need to imagine that if they did this to an educated person like Alok Sagar, what they would be doing with the Adivasi.


And not only that,  on the evening of  3rd of May, 2016 ,Ranger of the forest department, Mukesh Alawa,  put the  nursery on fire, which was built with Alok Sagar’s  support in the Nagdev forest under of Bod village and, also demolished  jhopdas of adivasi living there. The Ranger was apprehended by the adivasi, while he was escaping after committing the crime and the matter was duly reported to the police in writing and over the phone, as well; the police came around midnight and had taken him along. But, police didn’t register a crime; despite the written memorandum was given to the Superintendent of the Police, Betul and adivasi had also organized a sit in Betul. 

 We are disappointed in the way the Election Commission has responded.  In both the above matters, the Commission got the matter inquired by the same District Administration, who has been party to all these atrocities. The oblivious was resulted; they have denied the commission of any illegal act. Not only this, in the following matters, they have not followed High Court orders in its letter and spirit:

On 15/12/14, in W. P. No. 19447/14, Sekhlal vs. Betul, Collector, the Jabalpur High Court has passed an order that the memorandums presented by adivasi of the village Danwakheda for inclusions of their names in the voter list be decided , with speaking order, by the Betul, Collector within a week from the presentation of this order.  The Collector, without hearing sides of adivasi, passed one sided order; denied their names to be included. The reason for this has been explained as their status as encroachers on forest land.


2.      That on 19/12/15 forest department had destroyed the entire adivasi settlement in Umerdoh forest, in violation of the law, standing crops and drinking water source were poisoned, houses were demolished – it was like an enemy army has attacked the village. For registration of the FIR, Parasram had made the application with the Betul, S. P., when no FIR was registered, he approached the High Court.  On 21/03/16 in W.P. No. 4361/16, Parasram vs. M. P. State, the Jabalpur High Court had passed the order  that petitioner has prayed that he has made an application with Betul Police about commission of cognizable offence; so, the S. P.,  Betul must decide the said application in accordance with the provisions of  Cr. P. C.  – in deciding that the guiding principle will be, the law laid down by constitutional bench in Lalita Kumari vs, U. P. govt and Ors.


3.      On 20/01/16, in W.P. No. 867/16, Kuwrsing vs. M. P. State, the Jabalpur High Court has passed the order that, the memorandum given by the villagers of Bod and Peepalbarra for regularising their possession on forest land be decided in accordance with the  law within 3 months.


We express our deep frustration and hopelessness at the deep seated impunity awarded to all the erring Government agencies, which so blatantly violate the Rights of the constitutionally protected Tribal Community and the Human Rights Defenders engaged in their empowerment.

We demand that the Election Commission make independent inquiry of our complainants. 




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This petition had 82 supporters

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