Select a Good Helmet. Elect a Good Leader.

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What does each candidate standing for election promise?Happiness, satisfaction, development and safety of the citizens!

But, can happiness come by breaking traffic rules?Can safety, which they promise,  be ensured without wearing helmets?

I am asking these questions because I see many election rallies where ministers, party workers, supporters, leaders regularly ignore traffic rules and do not wear helmets while on bikes during campaigning.

It is the responsibility of all leaders to set an example for the citizens by following rules. It is these leaders that actually make laws to safeguard citizen interests. 

If they themselves let their party workers/supporters break rules, how will they ensure good governance in the long run? An ideal leader should ideally always follow rules and wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler. 

A person who can break the rules once and goes unpunished, might indulge in such behaviour again and again. 

I am a Head Constable in the Delhi Traffic Police and I feel deeply pained to see so many people flouting rules. I have always requested people to wear helmets and follow the rules, on as well as off duty. 

I decided to request the Election Commission to take action.

43610 people have lost their lives in India simply by not wearing a helmet in 2019 alone! Then why this carelessness? 

Sign my petition asking the EC to issue an advisory to all candidates and parties asking them to follow traffic rules and wear helmets during campaigning. 

We have lost a lot of lives. I hope the election commission will take cognizance of your support and Indian roads will move one step closer to being safe for its citizens. 

Select a Good Helmet. Elect a Good Leader.