Stop Covid-19 Spread: Cease all non urgent dental treatment in UK

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As the Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the UK, new cases and deaths are increasing daily. Health care workers are at the greatest risk as they work in close proximity to one another and their patients. In some countries many are already under quarantine either due to exposure to the virus or to prevent its spread.
Dentists are some of the most at risk professionals due to large exposure to aerossols, splatter and droplets. Standard dental PPE is not 100% effective to prevent infection with Coronavirus. Dental practices represent a place where large amounts of patients go in and out everyday, leaving their families, dental nurses and receptionists also at risk. We see other European Countries and the US leading the frontlines on the fight to COVID 19 as they have already seized their dental activities, except emergencies. As Dentists we have a duty to protect our patients from harm. The United Kingdom must call upon dental practices to delay any non urgent treatments to ensure we avoid further spread of the covid 19.

ADA COVID 19 Guidelines


Coronavirus Workers at Risk