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Charge Aucklands Pastor Robertson, for inciting violence towards the LGBT+ community.

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Westcity Bible Baptist Church pastor Logan Robertson delivers sermons that promote violence against the LGBT+ community and admits to hate speech. He needs to be charged, shut down and held accountable for his actions.

Footage posted online at the end of July shows Robertson making comments which just fall short of being death threats aimed towards homosexuals, Robertson- "My view on homo marriage is that the Bible never mentions it so I'm not against them getting married, as long as a bullet goes through their head the moment they kiss ... Because that's what it talks about - not homo marriage but homo death."

  • When contacted by the NZ Herald, Robertson said he did not deny his words were hate speech. "Of course it is. Does it sound like hate speech to you?" he said. "If the world thinks that's hate speech then that's fine." Robertson repeatedly quotes Leviticus 20:13 which calls for gay men to be put to death, as means to justify himself. Adding "It's got nothing to do with me - they could read that verse in the Bible. "I'm not inciting vigilantes ... I believe it's the Government's job."
  • Robertson has previously admitted to emailing a gay author to tell him he was praying for the man to commit suicide.
  • WestCity bills itself as a family-oriented Bible-believing Baptist church, but says on its website it is independent of any denomination. Robertson said the church has around 40 members. This means that he is acting independently and created a congregation on his own values, has no person or organization to answer to - exception those who uphold New Zealand law itself.
  • Reverend Helen Jacobi - vicar of Auckland's St-Matthew-in-the-City - said the video was "inciting violence, verging on hate speech and verging on criminal behaviour".

His main focus appears to be the LGBT+ community but that's not where his discrimination ends. On another video posted to the church's Facebook page he targets Labour leader Jacinda Ardern and women voters;

"I don't vote. I don't let my wife vote. I don't believe in women voting," he said in the post, before launching into a commentary on leaders, including Ardern. "The Bible actually says that it's a curse for a nation to have a woman ruling over them," he said. "Don't vote for Jacinda. She needs to shut up, go home and get in the kitchen where women belong and bake a cake for her boyfriend."

  • Human Rights Commissioner,  Dr Jackie Blue has been quoted saying " Those who preach hate and violence are out of touch with everything it means to be a New Zealander. We pride ourselves on defending human rights,"
  • 3 years ago when Robertson had only four or five people in his congregation. He was meeting in his own home and could hardly be called a church or him, a person of any influence. But his congregation and support has grown substantially, he now has a following of over 40 people and the circumstances have changed. He is now a public figure with influence within our community.

This story was posted by the NZ Herald, who reports that a police spokesman has reassured them that they are 'aware of the matter, taking it seriously and making inquiries'.

But is that a vague statement that dismisses the issue until it blows over or a promise of urgent action?

Robertson needs to be charged, shut down and held accountable for promoting violence towards a vulnerable minority, who have a long standing history of being discriminated against for being who they are and for wanting to have the same rights that is afforded to everyone else.

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And to take action further please address the following people;

  • Deputy Commissioner District Operations, Viv Rickard
  • Assistant Commissioner: Prevention, Bill Searle

Police National Headquarters

180 Molesworth St, Wellington, PO Box 3017
Ph:(04) 474 9499

  • Human rights chief commissioner, David Rutherford

0800 496 877 or


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