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Newport News Juvenile Court Violating My Fatherly Constitutional Rights

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My name is Anwar Congress, loving father and United States Army Veteran now a Facilities Quality Engineer (scientist).  On October 27, 2016 my Constitutional father's right was violated when a judge, unjustly, separated me from my child without reason.  I am a God loving dad and honorable soldier that has been the nurturer, also, provider for my beautiful baby girl.  I took care of the family, financially and lovingly, as a wonderful husband and dad.  When the other parent made destructive choices that shattered our marriage, she tries to hurt me through my daughter.  I took care of my daughter's mom while she was on bed rest, at 21 weeks, worked hard as a soldier, then,  academically to secure a good future for the family.  Now I am a successful Engineer that has served my country honorably with the most beautiful gift God has given me, my daughter. 

     Before my daughter was born she had already captured my heart.  God gave me a life long gift April 7, 2015 at 12:07p.m in the Women's Hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina when my baby was born.  Ever since my daughter was born she has been insured through all of my benefits, military and professional.  I have arranged and taken my child to all of her doctors appointments which I still do on my days I can see her.  I love her so much and I will not lose my child.  She will be raised in a Christian home with me where she will have fun learning and developing.  I am blessed and well educated which I am the ONLY parent that brings that dynamic to our daughter.  While at her home daycare she was learning how to say her name, how to count, her ABC's, playing with other kids, and flourishing which is something the other parent cannot provide, for her life does not reflect that growth.  

     With gender bias and simply going against the Virginia Laws of "best interest of the child" and my Constitutional rights as a great dad, they gave me 1 day a month for 3 months to see my daughter October 27th, 2016.  The GAL has spoken with and visited my child's mom which my child's mom lives with her grandparents with no real income, yet, she has not set up anything with me nor see the wonderful suburban neighborhood I live in.  For some strange reason  GAL got upset that I was recording the calls between her and I, then, stated that she did not want to talk to me because of my recordings.  My daughter will have a solid high quality education in thriving schools, a good neighborhood, her loving hard working dad and my family, with a bright future praise God!

     I tried to work things out with the other parent but she does not know how to co-parent.  I have taken my child to all of her doctors appointments, I love and nurture my blessing of a child and she loves her dad, I provide for her, and keep her safe.  Please sign my petition for parents that are good loving parents should have to go through this unjust foolishness.  My daughter needs me more than ever for her mom has proven to be unstable with her false statements of my character and she is not caring for my daughter properly either.  Right now her mom is not picking up my phone calls to my child.  July 11, 2017 is the final court date and I want the bulk of physical custody, 9 month out of the year, of my child.

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