Demand the Charlottesville PD explain why Congregation Beth Israel was left unprotected

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We the undersigned demand a public accounting of the Charlottesville Police Departments decision to not provide Congregation Beth Israel with police protection on Saturday August 12th 2017.

An expressed threat from Nazi websites calling for the burning of the synagogue that day was brought to the attention of the Charlottesville Police Department and ignored. No police were dispatched to observe the scene. To say that it is concerning that the Charlottesville Police Department choose to ignore requests for help from a religious organization under an expressed direct threat is an understatement.

Charlottesville Police Department - why did you find it ok to leave this group of citizens to fend for themselves unprotected? In the current political and cultural atmosphere we need to be able to depend on our police forces through out the country to stand up against direct expressed threats against any racial, ethnic or religious groups.

We look forward to your response and engaging in a dialogue about how to rebuild trust and faith between our communities.

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