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To return my neice back to my parents family home! The judge has made the wrong decition

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My neice has bee  took imto care. She was wrongly removed from my parents care by social services and the twisting of lies in a family law court. There were no grounds strong enough to rule the decition of where they THINK she is safe , happy and well loved. !! No way is any of that gunna happen! My neice is devistated and i couldnt emagine what she is feeling right now known she can not communicate with her family , her mam , her uncle, auntie and 3 little cousins who are massivly effected by this too. They miss her so much. Baisically my neice is not allowed to have internet or a mobile, which she always had in her hand doing music videos on it. She constantly took photos of her damily and friend's.

She isnt allowed to talk to her nana or grandad who looked after her day in day out for over a year following being removed from my sisters care because of domestic violence, between her father and mother (my sister) under the the category of emotional and physical harm. My neice remained at my mam and dads and evidently improved massivley whilst in their care . She improved emotionally and mentally. She grew in her educational development and her personality was one of a kind lovely thoughtfull girl with massive confidence Before being removed from her mother she was a little shy, quiet and unhappy girl because of what she was witnessing which was not brought to our attention fully. 

The social services removed my neice from school! How terrified must she been ? Shes 9years old and is not a child they can make ok! The reason for removal was " risk from the community of physical harm" because some drunk young girl attacked my mother whilst she walked to the local shop.

This girl was drunk and in a temper angry and lashed out on the first person she saw and that was a 51yr old woman and stamped on my mams head.

My neice witnessed it all and obviously was scared and screaming watching it was over in minutes as people come out their house and the defendent pinched a pack of ciggs from my mams bag and ran off my mam rang the police and went to the hospital to be checked over.

The next morning the emergency team from social care done an assesment and stated the children were safe well cared for.  Observed in a loving relationship with her family.

But the following working day the social worker who deals with my neice and parents took it upon herself to remove her from school and took it to court. My niece herself was asked where she would rather live and how she felt , if she felt safe at her grandparents.

My neice said "i want to live with my nana and grandad again"

She asked three times if the judge knows that she wanted to go back home to her nanas. But her wishes were not granted by the judge 

Help get us get our girl back home.

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