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Stop Using Styrofoam

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  • Polystyrene (aka Styrofoam) takes at least 500 years to decompose (it is debated that the material could longer, due to its resistance to photolysis)
  • Styrofoam is the primary source of urban litter
  • Styrofoam causes choking and starvation in wildlife

Read more facts here and here.

When I frequently wander the streets of my community, digging through wet leaves and overgrown greenery, there is always a bright white among all the contaminated, darkened, and aged bits of plastic. It's a sad sight to see: at least I know with the other garbage, I will be able to help transfer the waste to a more sustainable and ethical fate; at least recycling reuses these harmful materials.

While recycling styrofoam is not impossible, many communities do not invest in this practice.

If it is too inconvenient or costly to recycle, we shouldn't be mass producing or consuming it. While merely one in four plastic-single-use bottles get recycled, styrofoam cups and to-go boxes lurk in the bushes of our communities and suffocate the life from our planet. We call on the companies we give our money to, to tell them we want to a more ethical alternative, and that the mass consumption of these products should end. If we are not allowed to utilize our own materials, the materials provided to us should be as humane and practical as we demand.

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