Stop Chick-Fil-A's use of Styrofoam cups

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Styrofoam cups are not biodegradable. The use and sell of Styrofoam cups and other products end up in landfills, rivers, oceans, reservoirs, and anywhere else that they might be thrown away.

The effects of Styrofoam on the environment and the local community of plants and animals is detrimental. Since the product does not naturally decompose it threatens the life's of wildlife by polluting and changing ecosystems. When Styrofoam is exposed to sunlight (anytime it is thrown away either on the side of the road or even if it makes it to a landfill) it releases toxic chemicals that are harmful to people, animals, and even the ozone layer.

Not only is Styrofoam a harmful pollutant it is one of the most harmful waste products. When broken down into smaller parts such as the beads it is composed of it can be a choking hazard to animals that attempt to ingest it. If a Styrofoam product is thrown out and breaks apart is can be "ingested" by microorganisms also known as phagocytosis these organisms do not have the capacity to break down the product and therefore die. If the microorganisms do not die they later get ingested by larger organisms which in turn are eating the Styrofoam.

If you have a large population of organisms eating these products you have a shift in the natural food chain. This food chain relies on the smaller organisms and it works its way up possibly even to the human food sources being contaminated. The result being people are consuming a harmful, toxic, and carcinogenetic (cancer causing) product because the environment cannot properly filter and/or repurpose something that is non biodegradable.

By using other sustainable and biodegradable products such as paper cups people would be aiding in the impact made to the environment. Restaurants and major food chains have these products available to them and should be contributing to the environment and therefore the people that support there businesses. This would be a very small change that could make a huge impact.