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Petitioning Chick-fil-A Restaurants Roanoke/Salem, VA

Please stop supporting this business.

I will continue this petition forever if necessary. They have NOT changed their policies, and continue donations to hateful ant-gay organizations and causes. I believe businesses have a social responsibility to be fair, unbias, respectful to its patrons, past, present and future. It is contradictory to use a business as a activists platform from which to divide the populace and exalt any one particular religious belief, or non-belief. To effectively restrict patronage of a business, directly or indirectly, through specific public advertisement for a particular set of biblical beliefs, and against another, is comparable to placing a cross and church name on the building itself, and announcing that indeed...not everyone is truly welcome here at our Chick-fil-A (church). This is blatantly true from anti-gay equality statements made by Dan Cathy, president of the fast food chain. If you are a non-christian, or homosexual(gasp), or an ally to the LGBT community...yes they will let you spend your money there to eat, but some of that money will ultimately end up hurting you or your family members, or your friends and neighbors becuause they give and give to local and national organizations that try their hardest to deny us our civil rights and equality . Enough! Bigotry and hate based on a sinful misuse and abuse of the Bible didn't work against Blacks or Women or interacial marriage...and it won't work against the gay community now! I believe diversity is a vital part of, a wonderful gift of God's creation to be acknowledged fully and celebrated. Please stop exalting yourself Chick-fil-A. You resemble an unaccepting church in the guise of a chicken sandwich drive thru, a self- exalted mutation unbecoming a responsible business.

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