No more styrofoam

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Although plastic is a huge problem for our environment, EPS (expanded polystyrene), also known by its brand name Styrofoam, is overlooked at as an evil to this world’s natural makeup. Unlike typical plastic which can take roughly 400 years to naturally decompose, styrofoam is completely non-biodegradable making it extremely harmful to our environment. Even when it is put into landfills, it can easily be swept away because it is so lightweight and be swallowed by not only land animals, but also sea animals when it is swept into the water. Due to it being absorbent it also carries other harmful pollutants. Not only is it bad for the environment but it is Can also be bad for our health. It contains strands of styrene — which in the final blend is not harmful when made into polystyrene (the main ingredient in styrofoam) — but when heated Can leak out and contaminate the food in the container which is then harmful. Benzene is also a key ingredient in styrofoam and in severe cases has been shown to lead to leukemia. Lastly, Styrofoam is made with petroleum which is a non sustainable resource and helps accelerate climate change. Many places have already switched to not using styrofoam and some even offer their customers the chance to but reusable cups like Starbucks; New York City has banned the use of styrofoam, now everyone else just needs to follow suit. Getting rid of EPS completely is unrealistic but diminishing the usage of it can help the environment and our health, no slush is worth harming our bodies and the environment.