RESTORE INTEGRITY OF THE SHUAR (Ecuador) DEMOCRACY - Dismiss Undersecretary Maria Andrade

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In support of the legitimate inter-provincial President of the Shuar Federation FICSH elected by the shuar people,  Ab. Elvis Nantip:

We, The Shuar People, appeal to the International Community and demand the rapid action of President Lenin Moreno for the immediate dismissal of the Undersecretary of Peoples and Interculturality of the National Secretary of Policy Management Maria Vicenta Andrade for this alleged corruption of signing false directories and not following proper democratic procedure.

The democratic way to elect a representative to any position is to vote and the winner is based on majority rule. That is who ends up in office, as a fair representative of the people.
Affecting a leader based on the personal or political interests of those in authority, with blatant disrespect for the established democratic system, is not fair play for the Shuar People, and we will not permit such corruption.

President Lenin Moreno, please immediately dismiss Undersecretary Maria Andrade for this corruption and restore integrity to our democracy.
In support of our President Ab. Elvis Nantip,
The Shuar People