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Petitioning Joseph F. White, Sales Manager Chicago Transit Authority and 2 others

Chicago Transit Authority: Take Down Anti-Muslim Advertisements on Your Buses

This petition calls for all advertisements paid for and endorsed by the American Freedom Defense Initiative to be taken down from the public transportation used by thousands of peace loving and patriotic Muslim Americans everyday.

This is misleading speech that can incite harm to innocent civilians.

By equating 'Jihad' with the actions of savages, the American Freedom Defense Initiative has equated the entire Muslim population with savages. Muslim Americans are peace loving, law abiding citizens. This particular brand of inciteful speech has caused nothing but violence in the past, and by allowing public transportation vehicles in the City of Chicago to carry this hateful message, the CTA is only helping this misleading message gain an audience of thousands.

We are in addition asking the CTA to release a public statement denouncing the divisive and inflammatory nature of these ads, and following the precedence set by the San Francisco Transit Authority and donate all proceeds gained from this ad campaign to a human rights commission.  

We, the proud residents of Chicago, ask the CTA to immediately take down these ads, release their statement, and call for the donation of the proceeds.

Thank you,

ForPeace USA

This petition was delivered to:
  • Joseph F. White, Sales Manager
    Chicago Transit Authority
  • Media & Public Relations for CTA
    CTA Public Relations
  • Representative
    Jan Schakowsky

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