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Let Homeschoolers Have Discount Student Cards.


Many public school students have special transit cards to use on the CTA, that give them a discount. This is really awesome, but the bad thing about it is that the CTA is discriminating against homeschoolers! Home schoolers and unschoolers go to school just like anyone else, they just learn differently. By not allowing us to have discount cards, they are clearly saying that they think home schoolers don't get an education. Which simply is not right! Many home schoolers win huge spelling bees. There are famous homeschoolers, like the founder of Tumblr. Please sign this petition so homeschoolers can enjoy the same rights as public schoolers!

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Chicago Transit Authority
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Let Homeschoolers Have Discount Student Cards.

I am a home schooled 14 year old girl. Me and my family regularly use the CTA, and I want to have the same exact rights as any middle/high schooler. I get a wonderful education from my online school and my parents. By being home schooled, I can learn my own way, at my own pace. I have school work, and deadlines, like any school kid. But I also have enough free time to pursue my interests (knitting, art, reading). Many children are home schooled because they have special needs, like Autism or Down Syndrome. Home schooling helps so many children that wouldn't learn well in a public school setting. Many children are pulled out of school because the curriculum isn't rigorous enough. Do you really want to not allow children that are getting the same level of education (and sometimes even better!) as any school child?


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