Students are demanding to Mather HS to re-hire music teacher!

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Hello, I’m a uprising Junior at Mather High School, located in Chicago,IL. Recently I connected my advanced band teacher for some help with my tenor saxophone but then got a response that I never thought I would get from my conductor. She told me that my school didn’t allow her to renew her contract so she lost her job teaching and is now being forced to teach at a lower grade, which she shouldn’t be! She was the only teacher in the music department that made students be inspired and confident on themselves and brought spirit to the whole school! My high school won’t be the same if she leaves. I’m not asking for much but I want to fight in order to help my teacher get her job back as being the conductor she deserves to be! If you can just help me spread the word and help my teacher get her job back will be highly appreciated. Thank you