Build a Gym at Gladstone Park (Chicago)

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Robert Simpson
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Gladstone Park (GP), located in the 45th Ward, is in desperate need of gym.  Gladstone Park is the only staffed park, located within the 45th Ward, that does not have a gym and is not Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. 

Currently, GP serves the community by offering programs geared for ages 3-6. With nearly all programs at or above capacity, GP has grown beyond its walls. Due to this amazing growth, and wonderful staff the Gladstone Park Advisory Council (GPAC) was formed to help lead the charge.

The Gladstone Park Advisory Council (GPAC) is requesting that a gym be built so that GP can serve a wider range of the community.  At this time, the field house is not ADA compliant and requires the use of stairs to use the facilities.  This makes it impossible to be a fully inclusive environment.  Due to the size of the field house (fits in the foot print of a basketball court) GP is not able to host programs for children or adults over the age of 10. A gym would ensure that GP is able to host programs geared for ages 3-100+.  GP would benefit from increased programs and increased staff, and would be ADA compliant. Thus, truly creating an entirely inclusive atmosphere.    

We are requesting that Patrick Levar (Chief Operating Officer at Chicago Park District), sees our request and helps us move forward on creating a gym for Gladstone Park.  We need the support of local community members, as well as local representatives (Alderman John Arena, Representative Robert Martwick).  Please help us reach our goal.