Converting an unused Chicago warehouse into a year round indoor family activity.

Converting an unused Chicago warehouse into a year round indoor family activity.

September 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Christopher Myers

Chicago, a vibrant city; one that boasts its scenic beauty, wondrous art, sensational festivals and fabulous food.

However,  Chicago lacks: Active/participant attractions.

Especially for people under 21.

Comparing cities for a moment; You are in Orlando for a weekend with friends or family.

While in Orlando you could do the following activities:

Zip-lining, go karting, skydiving, a trampoline park,  an amusement park, a water park, and still be in the City of Orlando. The same is true of; Wisconsin Dells, Vegas, L.A. and other major tourism destinations.

However, when it our city, Chicago if you want to experience any of these activities, you will likely have to travel to the suburbs.

This has created a  lack of local active attractions that locals and tourists alike  can enjoy.


We have dedicated ourselves to fixing this problem by bringing you:


Windy City Wasteland


Chicago’s Premier Indoor Paintball/ airsoft / laser tag field.

The plan is simple: take an unused manufacturing building the city owns one that is currently deserted, and convert it into a themed indoor paintball/ airsoft /laser tag facility.


Currently we have our eyes fixed on an unused couch factory the city bought over two decades ago, however…


The problem we face

We are facing two hurdles that we must clear , in order to undertake negotiations for this property .

            The city of Chicago currently has the building zoned as Prime Manufacturing-A. Which cannot allow special sporting type facilities such as these.


Why the petition?

The goal of this petition is fourfold:


        1.        Show public interest & support.

        2.        To express disapproval of the Alderman’s bid to convert this building into an Amazon warehouse. Developments involving historic buildings must be agreed upon by the public before they can proceed.

        3.        To encourage the City of Chicago, through use of their appeal process, to redetermine the property from zone A to zone B as it has in the past to the surrounding buildings in the area.

        4.        To encourage rezoning of other potential buildings, in the event we are unable to secure this building.


What we need from you:


If you have read this far, like this idea, and would like to support. There are 3 things we ask of you: Sign, Comment, Share.

        •        Sign - Sign the petition.

        •        Comment - tell us what Chicago neighbourhood you’re from.  If you aren’t from Chicago let us know what state  you are writing from.

        •        Share - Share this great news with everyone! Make sure post to your main social media account.


By signing this petition, you are helping us tackle the following issues:

        1.        Utilizing a building that has been vacant for over 20 years.

        2.        Bring Jobs & revenue to a disenfranchised area.

        3.        Providing an activity that people can play as a team and engage with other individuals form diverse backgrounds.

        4.        Providing a memorable tourist attraction. 

        5.        Providing a form of physical activity to a city dealing with obesity in children and adults.

        6.         Providing an leisure/hobby activity that will be enjoyed by locals teens and young adults that will provide a safe and welcoming environment.



Help us bring vibrancy, activities and joy to a disenfranchised Chicago neighborhood with an amazing experience that locals and tourist can enjoy.

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Thank you to those who took the time to read this petition. Have a great day.


Much love.

The Wasteland Team



Support now
Signatures: 646Next Goal: 1,000
Support now