Tell Chicago Teachers Union to "TAKE THE DEAL" Say No to a Strike!

Tell Chicago Teachers Union to "TAKE THE DEAL" Say No to a Strike!

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Coalition & Alliance of Urban School Educators /Teach for the Future Inc. started this petition to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and

WE SHOULD NOT SUPPORT A STRIKE: A Parent Perspective and call to action.

The Chicago Teachers Union rejecting the budget increase is a slap in the face to the Black Community where majority of schools are under resourced, with crumbling buildings and low enrollment. Them rejecting the increase snubs every Black neighborhood with schools that have dangerous or dilapidated playgrounds with no athletic field to practice on. It ignores the needs of Black Children who lack access to Schools with Science, Computer, and Art Labs for quality STEAM instruction. CTU rejecting the budget increase is dismissive to every Black parent and child in Chicago that craves an opportunity to take Advanced Placement, honors, and other enrichment course, but lack funding due to declining enrollment. The Board of Education just passed the largest budget in Chicago Public Schools history focused on providing financial support to assist in leveling the playing field.

The Black neighborhoods list below will receive capital improvement funds for roof repairs, new playgrounds, athletic fields, technology labs, etc.

Avalon Park - $5,500,000
Auburn Gresham - $5,800,000
Ashburn - $3,100,000
Austin- $15,000,000
Bronzeville - $13,300,000
Chatham- $11,500,000
Englewood/West Englewood $ 20,900,000
Roseland- $4,000,000
Woodlawn- $20,000,000
Far South- $10,000,000
Greater Grand Crossing- $5,000,000
Morgan Park-$20,000,000
South Shore-$19,500,000
Washington Heights-$4,000,000
Washington Park-$1,500,000
Woodlawn- $20,000,000

In addition to the over $368,800,000 for Capital Improvements to our schools, CPS is providing $31 million in equity grant funding for 219 elementary and high schools with low or declining enrollment. CPS is also allocating $3.5 million to fund 35 additional social worker positions and $2.5 million to hire an additional 30 nurses. Finally, for high needs communities like the ones most Black families live in, CPS has allocated $3.6 million to pay for 30 additional case manager positions. Regarding the CTU contract, the Mayor offered the Teachers Union a 16% pay increase which was MORE than requested. Why are they preparing to strike again?

How does CTU justify going on strike when they may receive a higher pay increase and schools that serve Black Children will receive funding for school improvements and support services they desperately need and deserve?

We can never forget what happened after the strike in 2012. Black parents, children, teachers and support staff stood on picket lines proudly in support of CTU. However, after the strike, over 50 Schools
closed; 87% of which in Black Neighborhoods. Low wage, hourly, non-union safe passage jobs replaced middle-class union jobs. The closures in 2013 limited our children’s access to schools in their neighborhoods and created a negative impact on our economic stability as well.

As Parents and concerned citizens, it is our responsibility and right to hold institutions that serve the public good accountable to the needs of our children and communities. This includes the Chicago Teachers Union, Chicago Public Schools, and the Board of Education.
The facts are: Black students continue to fall behind White and Hispanic children academically and schools are not equipped to meet their needs. CTU and CPS should work together with the Black community in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner to address these issues. At this time, we do not see how a Teachers Strike will be beneficial to our children or neighborhoods.

We are calling for Mayor Lightfoot, Chief Jackson, Board President Miguel del Valle, and CTU President Jesse Sharkey and/or their representatives to meet with us to discuss solutions and develop a strategy to improve the districts academic outcomes for black students. During these meetings we would also like to discuss the district’s plan to ensure the African and African American History curriculum is being implemented.

You may contact me at

Thank you and we look forward to meeting with you soon.

Yours Truly,

Natasha Dunn, LBP and Jones Parent

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