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Attend the Public Meeting to Voice Your Support for Affordable Housing

Hello, All! Thank you for signing the petition to support affordable housing in Lincoln Square! You have signed on to this petition because you believe affordable housing is a need in our community. 

Tomorrow night, on Tuesday, May 11th, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, there will be an online Zoom meeting hosted by Alderman Matt Martin. In the meeting, The Community Builders, an affordable housing developer, will be speaking about its proposed plans for the site. To learn more about the meeting, what is being proposed, and to sign up to attend, please see the following links:

Alderman Matt Martin's Facebook Post:

The Eventbrite Sign-Up Page for the meeting:  

Also, please continue to share the petition with your friends and family:

Thank you for your support for affordable housing in Lincoln Square! Please remember to remain respectful and additive in our opinions and remarks. 


Daniel Ronan, Neighbor 

Daniel Ronan
5 months ago