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Chicago: create an ISP for the city that abides by net neutrality

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Create a network for the city of Chicago that operates like a public work, we pay for it like we would pay for public transportation.  Most importantly, it's a public service that would abide by net neutrality principles.

Leveraging the city's population density and existing infrastructure, including the street lights and CTA train stops, it would be possible to place 802.11ac routers at different intersections, and in more places upon request.  Establish more WiFi hotspots through the city that we can create an account and connect to, that wouldn't discriminate on what website you are trying to see. 

This would be paid for via a sacrifice to an existing non-ticketing service, such as repurposing sanitation workers, etc to set up and plug in the routers at separate intervals, rather than their normal day to day task, or to a temporary, slight increase in the cost of a city vehicle sticker.


Establishing "Chi-Fi" would accomplish four tasks at a minimum:

A) make a new public work that can be a revenue stream for the city

B) Promote more public trust that the government has your best interests at heart

C) Promote internet access for lower income homes that may not already have it, especially for students

D) Establish the city as a place where your ability to communicate will be amplified by being here.


Through the FCC's ruling today, we cannot be confident that our ability to communicate freely online would be as robust, at least for a while.  And with the history of anti-net neutrality lobbying by Comcast, Verizon and the like, we do not feel that we can trust the most widely available internet service providers today.  The use of the internet, much like transportation in a city, is required for a normal connection to people, your community and the outside world.  As such, and being in an environment of high population density, internet could be set up as a public utility.

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