Tell Chicago City Officials to enforce the law and end illegal slaughterhouses!

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After months of research, we have determined that the system for regulating Chicago slaughterhouses is broken on many levels. If existing laws were enforced, these businesses should not be getting licenses, a fact city officials we spoke to readily admit.

On May 17th we go to City Hall to personally deliver all signatures to this petition and report on the violations we have found to Zoning Administrator Patrick Murphey and BACP Commissioner Rosa Escareno, who have the power to end illegal slaughter. We will invite the media to cover our rally and educate the public about what's happening in their own backyards.

I started Slaughter Free Chicago to honor the chickens we have rescued from Chicago slaughterhouses and all of the far less fortunate non human animals that only experience humans as cruel and desensitized handlers. We will use our power as a growing community of citizen activists to demand that city officials do their job, and do the right thing. We begin here in Chicago, in the city we call home, in the city that once celebrated animal exploitation and slaughter as the engine of the industrial revolution. We believe that our campaign will inspire other towns and cities to launch a slaughter free campaign of their own, and we will be there to support them in any way we can!