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Fight for the firing of Gar Foreman, John Paxson, and Fred Hoiberg.

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The Chicago Bulls front office is the most incompetent front office in the NBA. They are also the most beneficial, due to the fact that they have the most loyal fans in the NBA.

Every night the Chicago Bulls fans sellout the United Center. Ticket sales are very expensive, but nonetheless Bulls fans still show up for every game to support the team, because they're loyal to the team and product.

The front office however is not committed, or loyal to the fans that support them. They're management skills have consisted of preparing for the draft every year, with no real sense of direction, no real goal in place but to save money.

Bulls fans spend a lot of money on tickets, but instead of the Bulls front office rewarding them, they'd rather feast off of the fans money, pocket the wealth, and put zero effort on improving the team.

It's been 19 years since the Bulls last won an NBA title, and the front office chose to continuously rebuild, instead of adding to the Bulls winning history.

In fact, they have demonstrated the desire to rebuild through some of the Bulls successful seasons, which should be credited to the job Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau did with the team.

Not having much to work with, whether it be through injuries, or trade, Thibs still got the Bulls to an Eastern Conference Finals, and to a level of respectability around the league.

A disagreement on whether the team should tank or not, developed between the front office, Gar Foreman and Tom Thibodeau.

Thibs rebelled against this, and pushed his players even harder, as the team not only made it to the playoffs, during the 2013-2014 NBA season, but also won a playoff series.

1 season later, instead of an extension, or promotion, Thibs was fired. Even worse than that, Fred Hoiberg, an Iowa State coach was hired with zero coaching experience, to replace Thibs.

Although Fred has miserably failed, management has shown zero desire to improve the team by finding a better coach. They even backed him. 

They also traded away veteran Taj Gibson, and Doug McDermott for a bag of peanuts. A Cameron Payne that was sent to the D-league, because he couldn't break the rotation.

All of these moves that were made, Bulls fans have spoken up, but management refuses to listen, ignore the same fans that pay their salary. This is not managements team, it's the fans team.

Instead of building a team for the fans, this front office has used the team for their own personal pleasure and profit. Winning is not their top priority.

Take your team back Bulls fans, before this front office destroys it. Why pay money, when this management doesn't think enough of you to give you what you want, or listen to you? 

Force them to listen, force change. Sign my petition for the firings of Fred Hoiberg, John Paxson, and Gar Foreman.








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