Bring Back Lovie Smith

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Matt Nagy has failed the Bears this season. His coaching has been far bellow par. His offense has regressed since last year with out losing any personnel. He hasn't given the team the direction it needs and never seems to have a plan. Even with the right players and a stellar defense he is ruining our playoff chances. Our defense can only be so dominant for so many years and if the Bears don't capitalize on it soon they will be left with regrets and no titles or rings. The only explanation for the reigning NFC North champs descent into embarrassing and demoralizing failure is the coaching.

So what can the Bears do to salvage what is left of the 2019 season? Bring back Lovie Smith! The former Bears coach is a favorite of many fans. His resume speaks for itself. He took the bears to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman! Maybe he can fix Trubisky or at least make do with what he has got. His defensive mind paired with Pagano will help elevate the Bears defense even further. Most of all he can bring the cohesion to our lost team. He has years of head coaching experience and knows how to run a team. He can give our young players the direction they need. He is a professional head coach and that is what the Bears need right now. Nagy just isn't up to the job. He may be a great quarterbacks coach, but what the Bears need now is a great head coach. BRING BACK LOVIE SMITH!