Chicago Aldermen who laughed and told bacon jokes at climate emergency vote must step down

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People are dying in fires, floods and droughts and other natural disasters exacerbated by climate change around the world. Billions of other animals are trapped in farms or have their habitats destroyed from the same. In response to our urgent message to the Chicago City Council at their 2/19/20 meeting, one alderman made bacon joke comments three different times which evoked laughter from some of his fellow council members. The Mayor, who was present through the entire meeting, suddenly disappeared during the vote, then reappeared just after our disruption.

In the name of the climate emergency and the tragedy that is unfolding all around us, we must expose the utter callousness and reckless disregard that Chicago's top legislators displayed for the suffering of countless victims of climate change. We have three clear demands of the Chicago City Council:

  1. cut ties with animal agriculture interests,
  2. Develop a program to rapidly transition to a plant-based food system, and
  3. Close Chicago slaughterhouses which needlessly contribute to the climate crisis and are terrible for animals, workers, and communities.

This petition was organized by Slaughter Free Chicago and Animal Rebellion Chicago.Please join our campaign at